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NVIDIA releases StageFright patch for SHIELD Tablet

Tablet and controllerA few months after it was reported and few days before the exploit was scheduled for public release, Nvidia released Shield Tablet update 3.1.1 which includes the StageFright security patch, stability and performance updates, System wide optimizations and fixes, including battery performance and Netflix playback, and a firmware update for the controller. The update is rolling out in stages, but you can envoke the update manually. To do so, open the Settings app, tap on “About Device”, hit “System Updates”, then select “Check for updates”.  Although Nvidia seems to have taken a while to get around to deploying the release their lackadaisical attitude doesn’t reflect upon the severity of this exploit.


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The Stagefright bug was discovered by Joshua Drake from the Zimperium security firm, and was publicly announced for the first time on July 27, 2015. Prior to the announcement, Drake reported the bug to Google in April 2015, which incorporated a related bugfix into its internal source code repositories two days after the report. In July 2015, Evgeny Legerov, a Moscow-based security researcher, announced that he found at least two similar heap overflow zero-day vulnerabilities in the Stagefright library, claiming at the same time that the library has been already exploited for a while. Legerov also confirmed that the vulnerabilities he discovered become unexploitable by applying the patches Drake submitted to Google.

The exploit can be launched by using an MMS sent to the victim.

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