Next version of Apple watch will include removable storage, custom user faces


The AppleWatch is nothing less than awesome. After getting a demo of it yesterday I am very impressed with how well this device augments the users information consumption with a wide range of glances.

It’s not without its complaints. It’s a little slow. This will get ironed out with software developers thinning out the resource requirement or possibly with Apple firmware updates.

AppleWatch is not perfect. But it is far and away the best wearable there is on the current market, and competitors will have a long way to go to catch up. Still, I think I’m one of those who will hold out for the second spin. After finding out that removable storage and a new screen-type will be designed into the next version of the watch, I will politely decline this time, and thank Apple for the great effort on making a spectacular wearable.

I will be looking forward to purchasing the Apple II Watch.

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