Motorola Droid Turbo Facing Battery Problems After Android Lollipop Update

Motorola Droid Turbo users complain of battery issues after downloading the Android 5.1 Lollipop software update. Some users have also reported of issues with turbo charging.

It’s not just Jokerola having this issue. 2 days ago I was having a look at the android bug reporter, and the range of Android devices across all lollipop distributions and Android M are having issues as well.

Android issues

The compounding issue, is that the issue was reported over 2 months ago. Over at XDA:

“My battery life has been awful since the update. If I unplug at 8 am with 100 percent I have been at 40-35 percent at 2 pm with only 1.5-2 hours on screen time,”

Over at the Android bug reporter:

The problem I was having was that the batter drained as a function of constant wireless or mobile data connection. If I was on 4G or 3G service, the phone was always communicating. If I was on WiFi (G or N/ac networks), the phone was constantly communicating. The only way I could get this to stop was to turn on airplane mode. Once I did this, and then turned on the WiFi, the problem started again. This email app sync schedule was eating up my battery, along with Google Services and Google App (at times). Samsung S6 on Verizon, SM-G920V, build LRX22G.G920VVRU1AOE2

Of course it’s a heated thread. People are pissed because they feel ignored while their handsets continue to burn electrons like they are going out of style.

But here is the kick in the teeth:


Google has challenges with updates. This is nothing new. They rarely disclose a roadmap, when they do it changes, or they simply don’t fix devices at all. It’s not all on them. It’s the OEM as well. Google has to threaten these guys just to provide an Android user with 24 months of update support. In contrast, iOS 9 will be rolling out to 4 year old iDevices.

ff they could get a hold of their update issues, and roll them out to everyone (the fragmentation issue alone is killing this), their malware and security issues would quickly fall by the wayside. But now the flawed updates just roll out. There was the one that bricked the Nexus 7. Then the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge rushed a patch for a keyboard exploit, and forgot to include controls for wifi and Bluetooth.

Normally when I read about Android issues that are consequences of their business decisions I’m half smiling. But having an issue like this that impacts their users, event if they are Android users, is just a bad situation all the way around and no one likes to read stuff like this..

Let’s hope Google irons this out quickly from here.


Source: Motorola Droid Turbo Facing Battery Problems After Android Lollipop Update