Mobile technology isn’t making you dumber | logical fallacy

The information you choose to consume on it? Well…that is a different issue.

You Asked: Is My Smartphone Making Me Dumber? – TIME

Time – Dumber

Markham Heid wrote:

Your best friend’s birthday? Check Facebook. Directions? Fire up Waze. Want to tip 20%? Open your calculator app.


Because, as we all know…it takes a 140 IQ to write all your friends names in the little squares of the paper based annual calendars…especially with a dull crayon.

Only members of Mensa drive to gas stations to consult with the Oracle of direction, offering only a wrinkled, coffee stained piece of paper from Rand-McNally as your part of the solution.

And dividing by 5 using any method other than scribbling chemical stains on a 4 cornered, piece of dead-tree skin is surely a sign of mental decay…to someone.

Counter point

I will submit to you, that – If you are looking for peer-reviewed consensus in order to feel better about blaming your cellphone for the perceived intellectual decay in your life, and the first step you take to justify this, is to consult an organization that makes money selling stories written by professionally educated journalists that still struggle with the concept of object permanence:

  • I have an answer for you:

2 logical fallacies are surely better than one. Because burning 2X the stupid with double-fire keeps everyone feeling extra warm inside…and out.

Now, shall we use this fire-fire to roast marshmallows and celebrate our victory?

A toast: To fake news! Without it, celebrations like these would never be possible.

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