Mobile technology criminals that make you Face-Palm

Paint a plastic gun black.
Hold up 2 women.
Hit innocent woman in head with gun.
Steal phones and purse from women.
Go on train ride.

What could possibly go wrong?


Boston Police Track Accused Cell Phone Thieves Using iPhone App
By Nik DeCosta-Klipa @NikDeCostaKlipa Staff | 01.07.15 | 8:02 PM
Two Boston teens were arrested for armed robbery and other charges, according to police, after stealing phones and a purse early Sunday morning. However, the real crime might be how they allowed themselves to be caught.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, Boston Police officers were able to track down the two 17-year-olds—a male from Mattapan and a female from Dorchester—using a GPS-enabled app on the stolen phone. You would think 17-year-olds would be more attuned to the modern capabilities of standard GPS technology.

Shortly after 1 a.m., police responded to reports that a 22-year-old Dorchester woman and a 23-year-old Mashpee woman were robbed on Alban Road. The victims told police they were both robbed at gunpoint, and one was hit in the head with a gun by the male. The two teens then fled toward the Ashmont MBTA station with two stolen phones and a purse, according to police reports.

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