Mobile advertising framework when used properly, can have great engagement

I don’t respond to advertising, especially on mobile devices. I’ve never bought something from an email campaign. I immediately discount the top 5 search returns, irrespective of the fact that they might not be sponsored. If I am in a hurry and have already made the decision to buy something and need some last-minute research by mobile web, I operate forward with the understanding that the top 20 returns are there because of SEO, I verify search returns by completing the same search in another engine.

If I am dumb enough to run a search in a mobile browser using the unified bar, I always take time to sign into or out of Googilligan+! disable location services and conduct the search again just so I can justify why I do these things, and have the peace of mind that I’m not an obsessive-compulsive tin-foil hat wearing ad-truther. I realize marketing is necessary and it is true that a great product or service can have a limited reception to the consumer because of a lacking marketing presence. However, it doesn’t stay that way for long, because while web marketing might have ROI advantages, it’s closing percentage is best described as ‘failure’, and WOM is still the best inexpensive method for marketing And it’s awesome in the way that it works if you have a good product or service or if your product or service sucks. But web some marketers won’t admit that an ad that is recognized and then passed over has a negative impact on the image of your brand as a pain in the ass if it happens too frequently. Some do. But it’s hard to sell advertising services on he web if your prospect is savvy enough to ask about engagement, conversion and closing metrics.

For example, there is a mobile game that is advertised on TV, the Web, on social networks. I see it all the time. It has some chick yapping about something to do with your empire. You have probably seen it as well. I can’t even remember the name of the title because subconsciously I am motivated to do something else rather than be a victim of repetitive digital douche.

But if you can create some interesting, aesthetically pleasing and captivating content that piques someone’s curiosity, where I might learn something, I am game to be a victim of your advertising.



I was pretty pleased with the landing page, and great stuff about what EOD does. Crazy stuff. A story about a kid who ran a mile in under 8 minutes.

Wearing an 80 pound EOD suit.

Then I bounced because of this:

Navy search

This all happened in a game advertisement.


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