Maintenance Mode: Mobile content integration and optimization

Hello All!

First and foremost I would like to say thanks to those of you who support me here.  From those of you who  spend any amount of  here to those of you who simply would like to see this project succeed, I thank you.  I don’t get much of a hand on this so it’s me and the few folks who chime in now and then. I appreciate all y’all.


Busy week last week. First week of school always brings adjustments.  I stood up another web server for someone so they could get their personal project underway. I haven’t gotten a display repair done that I promised weeks ago.  This instance went down for a few minutes…just insane.  Because I’m committed, we press. Content delivery will ramp up from here.  Analytics show we are just about to the point we we’re pre-migration. That is encouraging. The first week out the gate I swore the internets were broken. Readership dropped almost 50%.  It’s good to see you back. I’m looking forward to the day when all 12 of you are stopping by at least once hopefully twice every orbit.


We are in maintenance mode, and that means a little change for 48 hours. Here is the bottom line: Responsive isn’t good enough. I am implementing full mobile content. Responsive might be ok for tablets but on handsets it’s UNSAT. Those of you on handsets today (yes I checked) should see the content presentation shift. Keep in mind you have a choice. It’s at the bottom. Those in UIView of another application like Facebook and Linked in won’t, and that’s my reasoning behind a full mobile content deployment option. The iPad was displaying hybrid content with images edge to edge, irrespective of the value I set. That’s UNSAT. Here are some examples:

This is an image chosen for the title image. It came from the content section below: REMOVED

This looks OK, but on a handset it was terrible. So here is the game plan for the weekend: REMOVED

1. Limited menus:    Menus are upper right for 48 hours. Projects are off-line, pages are hidden but content is still available.and will continue to be built . Until I can get the mobile content optimized this is how it will function. Mobile users landing page will be the last unit of content completed. Keep in mind you can go back to desktop at the bottom, but if you want to test it this week, there are some cool benefits.  Nitro-Java supported full screen WebApps for performance and immersion on iOS 8.  Analytics says 75 of you besides my 2 handsets are on iOS 8 so let me know how your experience is going.

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