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Logistics for the Apple September Special Event

Apple September keynote


For Mobile users, there are a plethora of ways you can watch the September 9 Apple Keynote on a live stream as long as you have a device that can use the Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) Service.

But you don’t have to have Apple Gear to watch it live. Here is a breakdown of what you need:


##Requirements List

Apple Mobile


  • iPhone


  • iPad


  • iPod touch


  • Mobile Safari on iOS 7=<


Apple Not Mobile


  • Apple TV 2 or 3 on iOS 6.2=<



  • Macs on MacOS 10.8.5=<


  • Safari 6.0.5


Not Apple and Not Mobile

(you’re killing me smalls)



  • A computer made of plastic on Windows 10


  • Microsoft Edge (comes with Win10)


Mobile but Not Apple 


  • Someone that meets one or more of the above requirements


  • That person must also have the tolerance to share personal space with you for a couple of hours


That’s it. You’re good to go. Point your browser to the Live Stream and watch the future unfold.  Should be an exciting day on the Mobile Landscape. Not only will we learn about what Apple has to offer, but we will have a little vision on the products and services that the Not-Apple OEM’s in the Mobile Space will be rushing to emulate and engineer. That’s what makes these events so awesome…there is always something for everyone.


If you are on iOS, here is something for your calendar to remind you about the event:

apple event. remibder
Tap to add to iCal


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