Jokerola 360 – the terrible wearable




What has half the RAM and half the internal storage as the average handset, 1/3rd of the sensors, 1/5th of the display area, is almost 2X  as the thickness with only a single  BtLE radio  for communications….because it requires an Android phone >4.2 to set up?

This is another example of an OEM rushing to market with a phone extension that you wear on your wrist. Android users love large displays on mobile devices. Why build a pinterest application for watch display?

It commands a $250 price tag, to extend a microphone from the handset to your mouth…in case you can’t lift the display of you Note 3 to your head. It will take your heart rate with an optical LED+IR sensor, and count how many steps you take, but unless you also have your phone with you, it’s not going to map your run, give directions…or anything else.

Without a handset, it tells you how many steps you have taken, how many beats your heart makes, and the time…which is obtained by another device at sync.  You would think that with an 11.5 mm  thick cylinder strapped to your wrist, you could at least get a maestro GPS receiver which is only 2.5mm tall. That way users could complain how crappy Google maps looks on a watch.

Or they could have made a VHF antenna out of the housing….or the band, so you would watch really small television.

Last week I wrote a piece that said innovation needs to accompany wearables. Its not about slapping on a bunch of sensors on a wristband, putting a price tag on it and sending it to BestBuy.

These guys didn’t even attempt to do the feature part.

It can’t even accomplish the watch function of accurately telling the time. without a cell phone telling it what to do..

Look, the future is in wearables. We get it. Google Glass was an amazing product even after the cheap build quality was realized and and the mystique ran out.

MOTO 360 is about a revenue stream realized by very smart business men looking to unload their investment in mediocrity before it can accurately be described as such. The ‘perfect’ product release time..

You can’t call the MOTO 360 an ‘the un-watch’ or the ‘not watch’ yet because there isn’t anything to compare it to.

Well…except this….

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