iOS 9 Jailbreak update: Apple Patches configd in iOS 9.1


update one for iOS nine  
No surprises. Poor code was meant to be exploited and exploits were meant to be patched. Such is the way of things. I read the iOS 9.1  Security report 3 times before I saw Apple credit Team Pangu with CVE:2015:7015. Yes Ctrl+F or find in works fine…its just not as fun.

Siri visor he  
What got updated

iOS 9.1 improvements are minimal. No jailbreak killer functions (on the handset alone) except improvements to Live Photos which trim the footage on the raising and lowering of the handset, which saves some space and post shot edit time and Pencil support.


 developer docs 


So because of your decision to jailbreak here is the result: There’s no sugarcoating it, jail-breakers will not receive the middle finger Emoji. They will also have to wait a day or two for somebody to extract the gyroscopic sensing code. That disables or trims the footage when the handset is lifted and lowered.

On the bright side there’s one thing that we do have.


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