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iOS 9 Beta 5 Preview | Apple News App

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Here is some footage from a periscope session I had on the Apple news application that will be launching next month with iOS 9. Besides the feature improvements that have been integrated into notes, Apple News will be one of the most talked about applications in the iOS 9 Gold Master.

I know the dialogue in the video will seem odd, as I start talking about subjects on a tangent that isn’t quite related to where I was going. I wasn’t hallucinating, just answering questions from the chat log overlay that isn’t visible in the video.

If you haven’t seen a real world example of the Apple News UI, and the mechanics behind the user experience, you are in for something special. Everyone is saying Apple News is like Flipboard, but I will reassure you that it is quite different. While it does have some similarities like: It displays text, graphic and video content, it uses an auto tagging system and there are lots of words available to read, the level of integration with iOS 9 native applications will make it a favorite among iOS users as their App-of-Choice for news feed aggregation.

Landscape news
The imthemobileguru Chanel in landscape on the iPad.

This consequently places other news app developers, Big Business content publishers and the Lobby they can afford to pay for in the position to have compete with independent and individual content publishers who are more interested in reporting the news than creating it. Billion dollar media outlets finally have a reason to get all their ⌘⌘⌘⌘ in one sack and get back to fact-check based journalistic news reporting because Apple News brings an equalizer to a platform where content consumption can be specified with a granularity that mitigates having to be exposed to content from an entire organization just because you have an interest in an individual journalist.




Of course, with every thing good there will likely be something not-so-good to bring balance. Publishers like the New York Times will likely resort to sending me ‘subscribe’ spam twice a day in a futile attempt to retain readership, rather than their once-a-day-every-day annoyance that simply reminds me never to comment on an NYT piece ever again…no matter how silly wrong the accuracy of the content may be.





If you are currently using iOS 9 on either the developer or public beta, here is a link to my Apple News Channel:



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