I’m the CEO of a Tech Startup – Sent from my iPhone

The default email signature…

Everyone starts out with one. Some will change it before they send their first email. Many won’t. Most of them because they don’t understand the impact of it, or they just don’t know how. Free email services like GMail also promote their services by using ‘Sent from my Gmail’. The most notorious default signatures come from wireless carriers, who are allowed to brand the handset before it is sold.

If you a member of an email distribution list that sends and receives email from a single point address, ‘Sent from my iPhone’ looks very unprofessional. That’s because distribution lists hide creators email addresses to mitigate spam bots from harvesting them. If you haven’t changed the default email signature or do not sign each email manually, then everyone on the list will get mail from ‘Sent from my iPhone’

Let’s make sure you aren’t one if those people.

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