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Operating System Convergence


I like to read.


Admittedly, I am not very good at it because I went to public school. But once in a while I come across the ramblings of another publisher that make me feel smart. This is one of those instances. The author of  the story is A.P. Lawrence. I’m not sure who he is, but he is an Apple News publisher. I would like to read this story for you:



This story was written last October, but the relevance of the content is still quite fresh. Mr. or Mrs. Lawrence  touches on a very important concept when it comes to modern computing. I think he or she is trying to convey the concept of operating  system convergence while mislabeling it ‘operating system merging’. It is a popular concept because the convergence of operating systems as an initiative from within an OEM that is crucial to the elevation of the user experience. I have touched on the Apple initiative of operating system convergence, but Lawrence takes it a bit further by comparing and contrasting the Microsoft initiative with Windows 10. There are some statements in this piece that I absolutely disagree with….but others, I can give the proverbial nod of agreement to. I am interested to know what you think.


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