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I just fired my cell service provider without contingency.

Jason Yeaman – I just fired my cell service provider without contingency..


This is a post from last June, I’m using for reference to another issue.  I’m curious to  know though, for those of you who are net neutrality supporters: Are you of the position that Comcast (your ISP)  is such a terrible company, that you would cancel your service with them permanently….even if you couldn’t get a replacement provider for a few months?

ATT hires chat operators who would rather lose a $140/month subscriber, than provide a CS phone call.

That tells me that ATT, despite having a great network, sucks.

Even after the throttling of unlimited data customers, even after the threats of tethering charges, tethers break the unlimited data clause, the selling of phone bill data…and not protecting their customers from unwarranted information requests.

ATT sucks. Period. They might be a successful Data provider, but no one stands in long lines for days to be first to get ‘Att’ stuff. No one puts ‘Att’ stickers on the back of their ride. No one leaves the ‘Sent from ATT4G network’ email sigs on their handset, and no one tries to get their family or friends to switch to ATT.

Did I owe them money? I have no idea. No one would explain it to me over the phone. I was on contract at the time, so in a sense yes.

But, contracts are awesome…because either party can dissolve it if the other isn’t delivering acceptable performance.

Am I still on the hook for my bill, early term and fees? I have no idea. ATT doesn’t seem to care, so why should I?

Am I going to pay it? Sure. As soon as ATT calls me. On my off contract i6 with TMO.

Does ATT really give a damn that I’m not paying them $140 anymore?

Then they probably don’t care about me paying them at all.

here is great yelp review I wrote on ATT

yelp att sucks
yelp att sucks
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