How will Apple react to the new devices showcased in Microsofts event?

Microsoft rolled out another ‘Macbook killa!!!’ this week.

Microsoft surface

Apple is doomed…

I’ve been promised so many times that the iPhone is dead or going to die, or that the macbook is going to get killed…I actually want it to happen because im tired of being disappointed. Everyone says something about an ‘i-Killa’, and 2 days later, it lays in pieces at the bottom of Mulhuland falls.

I like Windows 10. It is by no means MacOS. I don’t know about the hardware platform, but it’s safe to say it will be a quality product….finally. Steve ‘Developers developers developers’ Ballmer tried to position early Surface units against the MacBook. I think this is stupid, portable is still desktop. Touch is more engaging. And people buy Macs for a reason that Microsoft can never overcome: because they aren’t crappy Windows machines. If you could get a hackintosh solution into a surface….I think I might be tempted….until I realize how much Windows costs to operate and maintain.

But this one looks serious. And it is possible for Microsoft to be fully integrated in its operation from hardware to software. You know what that does for Apple.

In light of this situation, the question was asked of me: How is Apple going to react?

I responded:


The same way Apple reacts to a Dell PC, a Lenovo PC, a Samsung PC or any other windows based computer:

Look at that!!!! Look at what?!?!? EXACTLY HAHAA!!

Some chuckles,

That's not ayuminuum. That's ...heh...alyu-minimum! HAHAHAH!
That’s not alyuminyum. That’s …heh…’alyu-minimum! HAHAHAH!’

Industrial design snobbery and knock knock jokes for a few minutes until it gets old…


All I want is Cash

then it’s back to counting money…




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