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Setting up a handset for remote monitoring is incredibly easy. If you can buy 5 components (other than the target handset) and follow some easy steps, you will have your target monitored 24/7, with very little chance of ever being discovered.

Other than the components…which consist of a generic Rebroadmitter, an RFID sticker (any one will do…even an anti-theft sticker) a set of earbuds that include a mic (this is important), a flat cellphone battery and some plasti-tape that matches or comes close to the color of the handset (you can pick up at just about any Target or RadioShack)…you will need to spend some time with the handset for the assembly and modification. About an hour, so it will be best to do this at night when the target is sleeping.

So once you have the gear…an exact Bill of Materials will follow, You need to find out:

  1. A place that is quiet, well lit and has ZERO chance of of being trafficked by another human or animal
  2. What the hell is wrong with you?


tappy tap tappy


Whenever someone asks me a question that involves deploying mobile technology in one way or another as a ‘solution’ the first thing I do is try to suppress the automatic, ‘Yeah…but what are you really trying to do with this…”, voice that runs in my mind. In this case I obviously did not need to do that. Whether or not this guy really wants to do this is inconsequential. It is the perfect opportunity to be introspective and address mobile technology as a culture in both  society and in government.

Before I get into that, let me caveat my position: I am not a relationship…expert by any means. I wish relationships and trust were easy…like setting up a remote wireless transmitter for transmission recording and relay. The few relationships I do have take so much concentration, sometimes my subconscious forgets to remind my brain to tell me not to swallow my tongue (I went to public school). But as a person who has a distrust for people I felt compelled to chime in. It’s ok to have a natural skepticism…about anything, even everything. It becomes unhealthy when you are past the part where you are wondering if you should break the law to where you are looking for information on how to break the law.

Let’s be serious. Even beyond the legislation and statute…people have an inherent right to privacy…especially from you, if that is what they choose. It is an issue in society, in Government even inside circles of friends and in families. People just don’t know when to mind their own business or when to back the truck up. More often than not, at least in my experience, it is always the person who just doesn’t have enough to do…or their own lives are too screwed up and worthless to fix so it’s better to talk about someone else.

It is also an issue in how business is done. The private citizen is completely taken advantage of (Google), as they place their private and personal data in a very compromising position. This information is then deemed ‘anonymous’ by the data company (Google) because it somehow ‘no longer’ has any PID information attached to it. It is then sold to advertisers by a data-broker, (Google), who captured these data-points using software engagement platforms (Google), when all they wanted was directions to the cookie shop,





If you have a girlfriend, there are better things to tap than her phone.

Allow me a moment of your time to explain why phone tapping … Even feeling compelled to wirelessly monitor someone (unless you are in a law enforcement or intelligence gathering operation with a warrant) is no Bueno:

  1. Trust. Obviously there are trust issues. Irrespective of the events or conversations that this lack of trust is predicated on, anyone who wishes to monitor any aspect someone’s life without their knowledge is bound for a lose-lose.

  2. People have a right to privacy. Private thoughts, private conversations and private interactions with or without other people. Denying someone the security to be left out of your scope without their knowledge or consent isn’t only creepy and douchy…its manipulative, deceitful and it’s wrong


  3. Engaging in this behavior is not only going to screw her up for being able to trust men in the future when she finds out (and she will), it’s going to screw you up in thinking that you can do something like this.

  4. It’s really going to piss her Dad off. As soon as she finds out…he is going to find out.

  5. If she is doing something you feel is wrong, instead of tapping her phone, you should borrow someone else’s testicles and ask her if or tell her that, she is doing something wrong. Tell her why you think the way you are thinking. If it’s an insecurity issue, address it. If it is a behavior issue, address it. One thing is for sure: it’s a communication issue, address it


  6. It’s against the law, malum prohibitum and mala en se. You will get caught, you will go to jail, and the irony and karma of someone tapping you when you want to be left alone won’t be anywhere near the experience you put you GF through, but you will reflect on it with regret. (in between the yelling for help)

What you can do to squelch your insecurities and attempt to build some trust if she agrees:
Give each other all passwords and access to each other’s technology whenever the other feels the need to look.
From there you will find out a few things.

  • If you find what you are looking for, then you have a great reason to terminate the relationship. You will be a happier person to move forward and find a relationship with someone you can trust.

  • If you find that you are deleting, hiding or moving things because of what she will find…then the problem was you the whole time. If that is the case it does not matter where you go or who you are with…if you don’t change it, the problem is still there. You can’t get away from you.

Technology, specifically mobile technology was made to augment lives for good and positive things…not for abusive things. While I am disappointed when I read things like this, I understand the culture. Technology is an agnostic tool…just like a fire-arm. It can be used to save people’s lives, and it can be used as a weapon to end lives. But it doesn’t do either until it is deployed by a human. It will take on the personality of whomever it is that picks it and uses it.
Here is wishing for more good guys…



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