How-To: Perform a cache-clear and app-reset Inside the iOS AppStore

iOS AppStore Reset

Transparent logo for the iOS appstore


The iOS App Store is the heart of the Apple ecosystem. It is the center of the economy that connects customer/users, developers and the OEM together and the pulmonary life blood of the community. It connects thousands of developers to millions of people spending billions of dollars on a library of 1.5 million applications. Without the AppStore, there is no community.

The iOS AppStore is basically a web-app. Content gets cached in it to bring the user a relevant and informative experience by allowing him or her to see that content and make a purchase decision based on that content.

imageWhat can you do to make sure that the content you are looking at is the freshest?

Follow the instructions in the video below. You won’t regret learning this super awesome technique:

AppStore youtur

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