How do I keep EarPods in my ears?

Ahhhh yes. This can be frustrating. Make no mistake,¬†EarPods are a great set of buds, but they don’t fit everyone perfectly. You can get custom gels, but it’s really not required to get a good fit.

Follow these instructions, and don’t scoff until you have actually completed the task, which is listening to something while running or walking.

Rock these instructions:

First, place them in your ears correctly.

Then remove them and hold them in front of you, one in each hand.

Now switch them so the left earpod is in your right hand and the right earpod is in your left hand.

Turn both EarPods upside-down.

Place the upside-down EarPods in your ear hole and run the cable from the front, up and over your ear, to the back in the crease where your ear cartilage meets your skull, continuing down to just under your chin. Pinch and hold both wires with one hand.

With the other hand, slide the cable cincher (the movable square piece above the splitter where one wire splits into 2 wires) upwards until it’s snug under your chin.

Smile and say, “right on dude!” out loud, in an over modulated voice because the upside down music sounds great using EarPods that stay put.

This song, (that I…the mobileguru wrote on GarageBand) has some great low frequency separation to test your new solution:



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