A space gray iPhone 6S

Gorgeous shots of the iPhone 6S’s beautiful guts | Part1

iPhone 6S guts spilled

Ifixit hero
All shots are original or cropped versions of images owned by ifixit.com


It wouldn’t be long before the new iPhones got their guts spilled. The guys over at ifixit did a fine job and I wanted to pass along some of the cool things about the logic board design, some of the component changes etc.

iPhone 6S

It’s amazing how much of this thing is battery. Every year people say the iPhone never changes. It actually does in many ways. Sometimes you just can’t see the changes.

Rear Plate:

A space gray iPhone 6S
S is for smurfy.

Obviously the rear plate changed. It is made of 7000 Series aluminum…or ‘alyouminyum’ as they say over at Apple Design.
But there is more to it than this.

Taptic Engine

Rose gold mounted
When you touch it…this vibrates.

Inside the Taptic Engine assembly is where the haptic feedback for the 3DTouch display is created. It causes the vibration. Until now, the alert vibrator was built in a cylindrical drum with an axle in the middle. A motor made the post spin, and that’s how phones vibrated.

Apple needed a motor that would spin up to max in less time.

So they built it.

Vibrator XRay
This is an X-RAY of the vibrator
Apple vibrator
Sans X-RAYs
Underneath motor
Here is the under view of the same component

Here is a video of the oscillation. This video is actually capturing the original at 240FPS so you can see it switch. What is 2 1 second is now almost 5.


iPhone 6 s cameras

iPhones take excellent photos and video. A little has to do with the image sensors and a little has to do with how Apple does the signal processing. The image and video signal processor is hardware based, residing on the SoC. I’m sure a little has to do with other things like the optics and the image sensor itself, but if I had to pick one reason why the images are so good it would be: integration.

I have disassembled a few iPhones and I don’t ever remember the part being branded with the fruit,

MP iSight camera supporting 4K video recording with 1.22 µ pixels5 MP FaceTime HD camera

Lightning Connector Port Assembly

iPhone 6 charger port

This is where you will be connecting wires to your wireless device. Audio/Mic on the left, lighting connection in the middle and fruit on the right.

iPhone 6s charge assembly
Charger port…fruited.

That’s it for now. Expect Part 2 soon. In the mean time you should head on over to www.ifixit.com. They have some serious granularity on the repair-ability which scores 7/10.

Not too shabby.

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iPhone 6s Teardown

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