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Google’s anonymous data collection | Part Deux

Anonymous Data Collection. Where have you heard that before?

Answer these questions if you use any Google data services or software:

Have you read Google’s Privacy policy, and do you revisit it when they change it and email you that they have changed it? (The law that requires them to do this serves a purpose because they used to change it without notice)

Google's privacy policy

If you haven’t, you should.  Do you know what it means when privacy advocates say ‘your search and app usage data’? Text messages to and from your kids. Personal notes in applications to your spouse, partner or interest, confidential business information recorded at a private corporate strategy meeting, Government agencies supporting the classified  logistics needs for the people in uniform that would require NDA from any other business to read, video messages between people. This is data that Google records and stores if you are using any of their applications. You don’t even have to be using them. They just need to be installed.
This is the ‘anonymous data’ that Google collects to ‘make our services better’. Their language also bothers me. Google being not-forthcoming about what they consider ‘making their services better’. Everyone else knows what they do with your personal data. If you didn’t, maybe you should
This is important:

Have you ever downloaded your Data History from Google’s ‘anonymous data’ collection storage servers?

You should really do this so you are cognizant of the scope of their data collection practices. It’s also important for you to prove to yourself that when Google says they only collect anonymous data, they aren’t telling you the full truth.

If Google only collects anonymous data, that isn’t tied to you personally:

How in Sam-Hell are they able to package up 5 years of anonymous search and app use data and video content data from your YouTube submissions and compile it with the dates and times you saw, created, requested and consumed it, and have it logged as an event in a flat file and give it to you…if they only collect anonymous data?

Google anonymous

If they data they collect is anonymous and not tied to you, how do they go back 5 years and give you data tagged with you as the one who asked for it?

If it isn’t anonymous to Google, it isn’t anonymous to everyone. They collect personal and private data points from you, because they aren’t just interested in data, they are interested in your data.

if you think Google data is secure and wish to continue to believe that, then don’t ever ‘Google’: Have the Chinese hacked Google?

Even US Government agencies have used Google as a pivot man.

Something to think about.


This is part 2 in a trilogy dedicated to Google privacy. To read Part 1, go here.

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