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Google will bring 2 new Nexus Smartwatches to the wearable market

Google deepens its interest in organic hardware design with 2 wearables

Nexus branded watches to compete directly with Apple Watch

Code named, “Angelfish”, and, “Swordfish” – Google plans to release 2 organically designed smartwatches sometime after the latest Nexus handsets are released. The devices will have round faces, but will not have the, ‘flat tire’ design feature of the Moto360 smart watches.


Angelfish – the larger of the two devices – is rumored to resemble the Moto 360, but ‘Sportier’. The device has a larger crown control on the right-hand center, flanked on both sides by buttons. The prototype is said to be pretty thick. Over 14mm at the cross section. The reason is battery, as Angelfish with have its own LTE radio, integrated GPS and an organic heart-rate monitor. This device is probably what Sundar Pichai was talking about at Google I/O last month, when addressing Android Wear 2.0 and stand alone application execution. Judging from the report at Android Police, this wearable will not need to be RF tethered to a nearby handset to get most of its job done.

That is a good thing.


Swordfish will be smaller, and lacks the integrated LTE and GPS functions. From Android Police:

Swordfish has a single button centered on the right-hand side of the body, with a more delicate and Apple Watch-like design. The center of the button cap appears to be polished metal, with the bezel of the crown being ridged. Aside from appearing more “raised” out of the body because of the watch’s circular shape, the button really is quite similar to the Apple Watch’s crown. Swordfish is smaller and thinner than Angelfish, with a body diameter of 42mm and a thickness of just 10.6mm – 0.8mm thinner than the current Moto 360. Granted, it still doesn’t have anything on the 7.5mm Pebble Time Round in this regard. Swordfish will allegedly be made available in three colors: silver, titanium, and rose gold. Swordfish lacks LTE or GPS, and it’s unclear if it has a heart rate monitor (we are leaning “no”).


The rumor mill is a tough business, and I appreciate Android Police taking the time to share with us what Google reportedly has in store for us concerning wearables. Hopefully, they will put something together better than Samsung and Motorola have in the past. Google’s last managed wearable project…that ‘TagIntOogle‘ thing didn’t impress me at all.

Hopefully, Angelfish and Swordfish will raise the bar for quality and functionality for wearables on the mobile landscape, creating some competition for Apple Watch. And as we all know, competition drives cost down…resulting in an increased reach for everyone to own and enjoy mobile tech.

Story credit: Android Police.

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