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Street View App update for iOS

Street View icon
The Street View app for iOS has been updated to include a few cool features. It’s been a while since I’ve captured photospheres for Google in Android, so it is likely that these features are already in the Android version.


The stats icon, (which can be found on the Profile pane), gives a glimpse into analytics for individual spheres based on accumulative views. It also gives a tally of the number of photospheres that have been Maps approved, your Trusted Local Guide level and if you have qualified to be available for hire as a Trusted Photographer.

Top Photos

Top Photos

Showcases your most viewed spheres that have been Maps approved.

Analytics still lags behind Maps

Unfortunately the Street View analytics data feed still hasn’t caught up to the update data that Google Maps provides on the data layer you have been constructing. In my case,  Maps show about 1k more approved spheres than Street View, and in the analytics department Street View is about 250K views behind.

Got to the 2 million mark. Not too shabby.

Check out Jason Yeaman (imthemobileguru)’s Street View contributions:
It seems the web app will always be a little better than the native app. That’s by design. Google wants to move away from the native application strangle hold Apple has put on them. But the UI and UX of Maps on mobile web just isn’t very good.

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