Google searches for ‘How to move to Canada’ spike in response to Super Tuesday results


How to move to Canada? 

Let’s see….

  1. Pack your shit
  2. Haul Ass

I don’t really have a problem with Americans leaving the country. 
I do have a problem with our level of knowledge. As humans. 

Have we become so stupid that we don’t know how to walk north until crossing the border without having to use le Goozh?

For real?

It goes without saying that the American people aren’t exactly ecstatic about the prospective options for the US presidency, but just how unexcited are they? In response to the Super Tuesday results, which showed both Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton both winning 7 of 11 states, it looks like many…

Nah. Sometimes creating the news is better than reporting what’s really going on. I’m sure you realized there was no legend. If you are serious about trends and trajectory…you have to be serious about being honest.

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