Golf Course Virtual Tour Project: Davis Park, Utah | 360

Seriously…Every Golf Course should have a Virtual Tour/360 Photos

When you imagine the perfect project for a Virtual Tour, a golf course has to be top 10. You get a geospatial result that is outdoors, follows a known path. This path is engineered to maximize space for laying out each hole. THe layout optimizations creates an excellent environment for overlapping views when someone manipulates a photosphere.

The result is a virtuality that you can actually stand in and move around while you view previously taken footage of that location.

The course

Davis Park Golf Course:

Screenshot of Davis park golf course in Farmington utah
Davis County Utah

I approached the folks at Davis Park a golf Course to ask them about a possible project.  I spoke with Taylor and Brad about the technology, and offered to capture a couple of holes and see how it would turn out:

A top down view of Davis golf course

Here is a top down view of the property. The red dots correspond to the photospheres I captured and connected for the project.

An augmented view of holes 12 and 13


The Video

The User Experience would look like this:


The Links

The Virtual Tour

Davis Park Golf Course Website

Other Photos


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