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DJI Goggles RE : Quick Peek

I opened the box late Friday night with the intent of getting them charged and activated (and updated) for a flight the next morning. Unfortunately, there seems to be some bugs with Goggles RE and the DJI Pilot app, and/or the Mavic 2 Enterprise (Telemetry on the HUD) . I’ll get into a full review once I get more time with it.

Choosing the Racing Combo yields everything you need to fly FPV on your current DJI drone, plus a camera, VTS and aerials to put the Occusync video transmission system on a 3rd party drone. This opens up FPV possibilities for this channel.

Gimbal Head Tracking Video

One of the features I tested was the gimbal head tracking mode which allows the cameras gimbal to be controlled with head movements while still operating the drone with the Mavic 2 controller. This is the result of the test:

Gimbal Head Tracking Video.

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