Apple is doomed

Fraud in ApplePay, iPadPro setbacks, 1G of RAMGate, iOS8 failure…now this…

This all started from a simple screen repair on an iPhone 5S, but when I saw what was inside…the way it was designed and stuffed together….i died a little inside. It was so heartbreaking I lost 7 bracket screws in the evolution. If i wouldn’t have sold that Nexus 7 to the gourmet chef for 2 broken iPhones, I might have never had the parts to complete this iPhone 5S.

That’s when I knew for sure: Apple is doomed.

Since the iGuy departed, Apple just hasn’t been the same. Setback after setback…failure after failure…Maps, Sapphire, bigger iPhones, the AppleWatch failing before it even shipped…all point to Apple going to hell in a handbasket.

Apple hasn’t been able to stop the bleeding or even…staff the triage since Jobs left…..since he left the job to Mr. Cook. Sure, the lunchroom basement archives are filled with Heafty sacks full of cash. The Stock is doing great, sales are record-breaking, vertical experimental market endeavors are a success. And yeah, Apple design trends are followed, emulated and even re-appropriated by the competition. But is money and popularity among your competitors an indicator of anything positive?


Sure, you could hypothesize that because of the bar on mobile industrial design has been set so high by Apples Chief Design Wizard and shining Knight in Alyouminuim armor that Apple has even made the world a more beautiful place by simply forcing the competition away from plastic and luring them into more, shall we say, adult build materials. But does being the center of your competitions engineering indicate anything successful or noteworthy?


One might even come to the conclusion, that in the pursuit to encompass the entire environment of user experience…from marketing to purchase, support, CS, finance, cross-platform augmentation, and cooperative compatibility between Apples most loyal and hardest working partners, (which also happen to be other technology departments inside Apple)…one might come to the conclusion that, in this dream of all-encompassing service to the customer, Apple has scared the **** out of a lot folks, created a business that commands almost all of the profit while not having to sell a fifth of the units in that segment to capture that profit…and then some how hypnotize the competition to increase their manufacturing costs by using premium hardware…and believe they can really succeed. Does anyone honestly believe that having complete control and influence of the market competition to the point that they make poor business decisions just to be able to provide something that looks like something you provide say anything substantive about your execution?


But I digress.

Apple is doomed.

Tonight I witnessed the final death knell. It is a telltale sign that gives epiphany to the rampant fraud, and the anorexic hardware under powering  gigantic platforms that can no longer be operated with one hand.

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