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The Rock brings a message of unity when Under Armour CEO gets too Trumptastic.


A Message of Unity

I’ll admit I was a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson before today. But after I read what he had to say after Under Armor CEO Kevin Plank had to say after a meeting with the Presidents Council on American Manufacturing (on which Kevin Plank is a member), I was pleasantly surprised by how much wisdom an actor can display. And let’s face it…the term ‘wisdom’ is not something that is commonly used to describe the things that are spoken by the Hollywood elite.

Dwayne Johnson is the best compensated actor in Hollywood. He also has a line of clothing with and partners with Under Armor, promoting his, “Project Rock” line of apparel. But when UA CEO Kevin Plank decided to go Trumptastic with words of affirmation (presumably one of President Trumps love languages) after his meeting with the Council on American Manufacturing, The Rock decided to make some clarification on his relationship with Under Armour.

The kerfuffle began when the Under Armour Chief said:

(Having)…such a pro-business President is something that is a real asset for the country. People can really grab that opportunity.”

-UA CEO Kevin Plank

While there is nothing wrong with what Plack said, he needs to remember that he is speaking as an ambassador for his company, its partners and more importantly, the individual employee. I personally believe that it is great that the President is taking a Pro-American attitude about many things (manufacturing being just one of them).  It Politics doesn’t have to be injected into every vertical segment in life. I don’t care what Kevin Plack thinks about the President. He should shut up and make my underwear. Just Like I don’t care what George Clooney thinks about the President. He should shut up and make a decent movie.

In a time where America is so divided, it is refreshing to hear a voice of moderation…a, “Peace Maker”, if you will. That is where Dwayne Johnson stepped up to be an influencer for unity:

“He inadvertently creat[ed] a situation where the personal political opinions of UA’s partners and its employees were overshadowed by the comments of its CEO, A good company is not solely defined by its CEO. A good company is not defined by the athlete or celebrity who partners with them

I have a responsibility to the thousands of workers who pour blood, sweat, and tears into making Under Armour strong. A diverse group of hardworking men and women who possess integrity, respect and compassion for one another and the world they live in.

Debate is healthy. But in a time of widespread disagreement, so is loyalty. I feel an obligation to stand with this diverse team, the American and global workers, who are the beating heart and soul of Under Armour and the reason I chose to partner with them”

Well said, Mr.The Rock. Well said.


Source: Fox News



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