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$50 can change your view of the world

Antelope island causeway
Jeep Selfie

Drones aren’t allowed in the park at Antelope Island…and that is a shame. There are so many beautiful animals to see and photograph. Bison, a range of bird species and humans riding their horses.

But the causeway leading out to the park is a long stretch of 2 lane highway consisting of long straights and a slow bend to the left while driving west…does allow UAS operation.

A top down view of a road

The causeway is flanked by water (sometimes) and if you get out far enough, you can see birds standing in super clear water that is just a few inches deep. This makes for great shots on wind-less days with blue skies containing clouds. Being able to catch the reflection of the sky in the water until you find a gimbal angle that alloweds you to see the bottom of the lake make for beautiful transitions in drone videography.

The above video was one I shot last week, but two days ago I went back out to try and get a good straight-ahead, low altitude video into the sunset while in sport mode.

Understanding that pointing the camera directly into the sun can drown out the rest of the shot, I used a PL filter with an ND16 rating from Polar Pro. For $50 you can get a low-end set of Spark filters including a PL, ND8 and ND16.

In the last part of this video, I was using an ND16 and the result was spectacular:

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