Don’t ‘Scope Drunk and Drive

 app store description of periscope 
You really shouldn’t be drinking and driving…let alone using Periscope while you are drunk on the drive home.

But that’s exactly what A 23-year-old Lakeland Florida woman was doing when she arrested on a DUI charge after police said she broadcasted herself on Periscope, driving drunk.


periscope drunk
Hi (hic) uhhh Hi!
If you aren’t familiar with Periscope, it’s a Twitter application that allows you to broadcast what is being captured on the rear or front facing cameras while allowing your following to make comments. It allows you to broadcast video LIVE from anywhere.

 periscope description 
Unfortunately for the woman who was arrested, her following made comments to 911, which caused a police officer to install the app, track her whereabouts, administer a field sobriety test and arrest her for driving under the influence.

You can catch the details of the story on BayNews9 to where the above image is credited.

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