DNI report on impact of Russian efforts to impact US elections

Those darned Russians

Intel brief on Russian hacking
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The DNI report on the impact of Putin and his band of merry hackers was released today and it is a very interesting read. The declassified 25 page document touches on many aspects : misinformation, fake-news, internet trolls, foreign relations and the many failures of the current administration to secure the country against these types of penetrations.

While the evidential portions had to be scrubbed to protect intelligence operatives in the field, it does not mean evidence doesn’t exist. That means there is no evidence presented in the report. Again, that does not mean that evidence does not exist. Critical thinking skills are important if you want to place your brain in the position to consume the information properly.

What has happened

Just like the terrorists, the Russians have already won:

  • Republicans distrust the legitimate intel community.
  • Liberals distrust the legitimate election results.
  • Libertarians distrust Republicans and Liberals.
  • Bernie Sanders still thinks communism is awesome,

Russia has disrupted not only this election, but quite possibly the re-election of President Obama. Putin hates Obama and Clinton, and feels Trump could be a tool of the Kremlin.

Other tools of the Kremlin

Environmentalist extremists were targets. They were fed disinformation about fracking which fueled fake-news used to further the Russian agenda of disruption of US energy policy.

Group-Thinkers and lazy Americans were targets. People who failed…and continue to fail…to use the basic fundamentals of critical thinking and cursory research gumption to vet the misinformation they consumed to form, ‘their own opinions’. It is likely your opinion was thought for you, and you shared fake Facebook stories and tweets, and +1’d BS topics.

What is clear

Putin does not like the President. Putin doesn’t like Clinton. Putin feared a Clinton presidency for personal reasons. Putin believes President Obama is incompetent when it comes to cyber-security, and therefore pen-tested the US cyber-community using the things that divide us most: The environment, the divide in our political and ideological values, our reliance on social media for news consumption and how lazy we are to vet the information we consume.

The DNI Report


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