DJI Spark vertical panoramic photo 11JULY2017

Beauty from above.

One of the benefits of flying unmanned aerial vehicles is the visual perspective they provide when capturing photography in their operating space. With the ability to position a camera in the sky where the view is free from the obstruction of blight like power lines, billboards and towers, the average public school educated human can document the stunning visual imagery that this planet organically displays.

This obstruction is all around us. The opportunity to appreciate what goes on around us is hidden by things such as the tall buildings you see while walking in the city, the developed earth moved to create a revetment for a road and the roof of the vehicle you drive on that road.

It is amazing what just 165 feet of vertical travel can do to change your perspective on what is happening in your world.

The above vertical pano was captured from a DJI Spark overlooking Jensen Nature Preserve in Syracuse Utah, with Antelope Island Park on the horizon. The only thing that could make this a better shot is if it was a 360 photospheric image. That capability will be deployed to the Spark via OTA firmware as announced by DJI last week.

As a Google Streetview Photographer, I couldn’t be more pleased than to have the ability to add elevated photospheric imagery to Google Maps.

Until then, enjoy the vertical pano.

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