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How to get HDR results from the Spark on mobile

Despite the jpg-only limitation while shooting photos with the Spark, it is still quite possible to get a good HDR photo without having to transfer photos to a Mac or PC and working in popular software like Light Room. There are some great mobile applications that can accomplish a similar result.

2 (iOS) apps that I use are Affinity Photo by Serif Labs (an iPad only app that also has a macOS version) and Pro HDR X from eyeApps which is a universal app. The premise behind Sparks AEB function is a bracket of 3 photos which are captured every time you take a photo. One is over exposed, one is normal and one is under exposed:Over exposedNormal exposureUnder exposedOnce you have the bracket completed, just import them into your app of choice and you can adjust the final image to include the best parts of all three:HDR Result

Affinity photo

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