Did the FAA really lift the ban on the Galaxy Note 7?

Information consumption without verification – in this case, can still kill you

Accessories for the Galaxy Note 7

Numerous outlets are group-think reporting that the FAA has changed their disposition on the safety of the Note 7 in the context of use onboard passenger and cargo aircraft.


Be advised, this is not the case. Although Samsung has stated that they have recalled and received 96% of the affected handsets and all carriers have pushed OTA firmware to cripple the charging circuits, this does not mean the device is safe to use.

The FAA has simply stated, that they no longer require the pre-boarding announcement about the restriction on Galaxy Note 7’s to be proliferated before every single flight. They justify this by stating the level of public awareness has been satisfactorily reached. This comes from a recommendation originating at  the Department of Transportation.

The Note 7 is still banned on passenger and cargo aircraft. The only delta between today and yesterday is: The Airline pre-boarding staff   doesn’t have to tell you anymore.

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Jan 10 2017 release

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