Despite bipartisan stupid, anti-encryption fails in Congress

A draft bill from Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) isn’t going to to be introduced, and even if it was, there isn’t any support for it.

Feinstein-Burr Mahalo

Make no mistake…this is not over. I’m sure congress critters had other things to do…like golf, vote on their own pay raises or figure out a way to continue screwing the American people using businesses to blame for, ‘injustices’.

That’s bad news for the FBI and DOJ’s efforts to strip away digital privacy and security in the name of safety, but good news for everyone who uses an electronic device or has any personal information stored in a computer. Public and political support for the FBI and DOJ’s anti-encryption platform is waning—at least until the next high profile case. For now, it looks like it took a lot of taxpayer money for the FBI and DOJ to learn they don’t have overwhelming public or political support.

-Mac Observer

why? why do we vote for these people?
You’re a peach, Senator.
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