Cross platform legitimacy|Knowledge Share gamification

I don’t hate that.

The gamification of knowledge sharing is a beautiful concept. Service to the knowledge deficient, entertainment and competitive gratification to the expert and a business platform for the developer.

Fixya’s 6ya concept takes the idea to another level with a monetization schematic. I’m incredibly curious how this program pans out. A subscription based service that pledges unlimited problem solving expertise for $6 a month, with compensation to the individual expert.

The relationship between the subscriber and the provider is based on 6 minute video or audio support calls routed to a qualified expert who has qualified and demonstrable expertise in his or her field.

Jason Yeaman saving the world on FixYa

I spend a little time on FixYa and Quora helping people achieve mobile technical excellence.

Quora is another one of my favorites. So much knowledge from so many experts willing to share that knowledge for anyone who has the gumption to ask.

Quoras model differs from Fixya, as the content provided belongs to the individual and can be used and even altered by the community for the benefit of the community. A virtual currency is (or was) utilized, giving a monthly stipend to each registered user. Through participation and community peer review, more credits could be earned. These credits could be expended to ask questions (the cost is based on a price set by the knowledge provider) which could then be voted on by the community. Providing answers pays. Providing the answer from the perspective of the asker pays more.

The content could then be used anywhere with embedded code, which brings SEO benefit especially under the ‘new’ Google super-secret algorithm that scores search return rank.

I’m convinced that knowledge sharing platforms like Fixya and Quora will play a larger part in the digital community, especially in mobile and especially-especially to those who have a service that provides on-demand answers for whatever it is that quenches the thirst for knowledge wherever they may be.

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