Criminals out-smart Apple Smartphones

This story sounds eerily similar to one I posted a few months ago about a D-bag who pistol-whipped a woman with a spray painted plastic gun, stole her iPhone and then got on a train only to be welcomed by Boston’s finest at his stop.

They knew where he was because the owner used her Find My iPhone application to inform police where the device was.

Find my iPhone

The Find My iPhone app has made some decent strides in capability over the past couple of years. The biggest one is the integration of the applications capabilities into the iCloud settings which are native. Before that, you would need to download, install and configure the application to enable the remote options…like lost mode, which tracks where the handset is going and where it has been.

But some thugs (can I still say that?) are wising up to the tech. Because yesterday in Cincinnati, this example of an upstanding young man:

Throws like John Kerry
Throws like John Kerry

made the conscious decision to pistol-whip an iPhone owner and (allegedly) reappropriated the technological wonder from its owner. When said owner activated lost mode, the thug realized it was being tracked,  so he decided to throw it (in a manner similar to this guy) into a field that resembled Vietnam. Guess who was there to catch it?

Not quite. It was this guy:

Not John Kerry
Not John Kerry

The funny thing is…there are a few apps on the iOS AppStore that will tell you where some IP connected cameras are. He could have checked to see if he was ditching his loot in the clear.

Or he could have made the choice to not be a D-bag in the first place.


(images capped from WCPO Cincinnati video)

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