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Christmas mobile device activation statistics | Comparison

From Flurry

There isn’t much context here because we are simply looking at the one week that includes Christmas Day. Flurry didn’t disclose raw numbers, just the percentage metrics of Activations : OEM ratio.

Flurry chart
Did Apple take advantage of the Note 7 debacle?

Speculation from this chart, (alone), as to whether or not iPhone 7 production is being cut because of a decline in interest would be nothing more than a WAG at this point. Apple won’t disclose their Q1 (everyone else’s Q4) metrics until the last week of January, 2017. That is when we will have more data to analyze.

However, if we add last years chart from the same time period for a year-over-year view:

Christmas week activations from 2015

Here we can grasp a 5 point delta in the red when comparing – heh – Apple to Apple.

(Charts come from Flurry)

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