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The intersection of Main Street and Hillfield Road aerial view
How the government saves you time and money with unique road construction engineering projects ...

Insane ingenuity: Layton Utah solution to freeway off ramp traffic | Drone Video

A photo of the f35B gunpod
Freedom. It's a beautiful thing. Unless you are on the receiving end of 25mm freedom spat at you from a Lightning II. Then it's curtains ...

Watch this F-35B fire a grip of freedom from its GAU 22 | Defense

Schumer fails, hilarity ensues #fail A week after Senator minority leader Chuck Schumer (D) NY lambasted President Elect Donald Trump for using Twitter to discuss his political agenda, Schumer himself finds out the hard way that karma can be pain in ass: Ironeeeeeehawwww Pun intended. Snap Chat Announcement Senator Schumer’s assumed intent was to let taxpayers know that Democrats now ...

The District | Senator Schumer Tweets he doesn’t want America to be great | Fail

Intel brief on Russian hacking
Those darned Russians Read it. The DNI report on the impact of Putin and his band of merry hackers was released today and it is a very interesting read. The declassified 25 page document touches on many aspects : misinformation, fake-news, internet trolls, foreign relations and the many failures of the current administration to secure the country against these types of ...

DNI report on impact of Russian efforts to impact US elections

No independent forensic analysis has been performed on hacked DNC servers? | The Stupid
Here intel, intel, intel… Six months after the FBI first said it was investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, the bureau has still not requested access to the hacked servers, a DNC spokesman said. No US government entity has run an independent forensic analysis on the system, one US intelligence official told BuzzFeed News. Well…what the ...

No independent forensic analysis has been performed on hacked DNC servers? | The Stupid

PE Trump twitters on ethics priority, Repubs comply | Social Media
Republicans scrap vote to dismantle independent ethics committee after Trump tweet. MSNBC loses their minds over…everything. I was watching Rachel Maddow last night and she stated that those of us who don’t pay attention to news, (because it sucks), better start paying attention to it now, because, ‘this’, is how things are going to be run from now on. What ...

PE Trump twitters on ethics priority, Repubs comply | Social Media

U.S. expells 35 Russian diplomats | Crime
President Obama will close 2 Russian facilities in NY and MD and eject 35 Russian Diplomats Penalty for ‘hacking’ US election will also include sanctions Personally, I would rather see a counter-strike that is overwhelmingly disproportionate. But who is to say that won’t happen? While I am disappointed that this didn’t occur when the White House first found out about ...

U.S. expells 35 Russian diplomats | Crime

The causality of Trumps SoftBanc project
First of all…as reported here at the guru not too long ago, SoftBanc acquired ARM holdings, U.K. That means SoftBanc owns the technology that powers Apple AX mobile processors. Now Trump claims champion to SoftBanc investing billions and 50 thousand American jobs here in the U.S.. SoftBanc is sponsoring a TMO + Sprint merger…which I am against for obvious reasons. Developing 41.0680054-112.0495646Like ...

The causality of Trumps SoftBanc project

Trump ?
 Apple to GOP: NO TECH FOR YOU! Apple decides not to donate to the GOP Convention Politico, citing two sources “familiar with the iPhone maker’s plan”, Apple has decided not to donate tech, time or treasure to the GOP convention. Apple has donated their expertise, inventions as well as cash to various political parties during the presidential election cycle. In ...