BlackBerry picks up another win: Ford

Today Ford announced they would be dropping MicrosoftAuto as the technology behind their Sync initiative, and will be migrating to QNX which is currently held by BlackBerry.

QNX has some depth in the mobile/touch aspect of the automotive industry. Apple demoed CarPlay, which is an in-vehicle entertainment/information solution at the Geneva Motor Show. CarPlay, in this specific solution, consisted of an iOS interface running on top of the QNX kernel allowing the user to have control of map directions, points of interest, music and voice communications with an easy to use interface that is conducive to operating a motor vehicle.

Ford is dropping ‘MyFord Touch’ for ‘Sync 3’, promising an experience that is less like an interface for a vehicle and more like smartphone experience complete with multi-touch gesturing like pinch and spread, swipe and flick.

Updates for the system will be accomplished using an integrated 802.11x radio instead of using a USB drive as the middleman between a computer and the vehicle, or a visit to the dealership.

Sync 3 will include a new function called AppLink, which will identify audio entertainment applications that are present on a synchronized smartphone, and allow voice and touch controls from the vehicle to remote onto the device and present the output from handset to the vehicle speakers.

QNX is a real-time operating system targeting embedded systems and was acquired by Blackberry in 2010.


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