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Mobile Technology and Golf

Golf and Mobile technology are more alike than you might think. Sound crazy?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man…If I could just spend $2K on clubs, I could be a pro golfer.”



Because superior hardware doesn’t make you a better golfer. $500 drivers might get you +15 yards on your drive, but if you can’t hit farther than the ladies tee box, +15 yards from a $500 driver means nothing. You still hit the ball with your purse…its just a really nice Michael Koors purse.

It will look beautiful on your next shot wearing ankle shorts.

No matter what you buy, no matter how well crafted or engineered your clubs are, one thing hasn’t changed after you leave GolfSmith: YOU.

You still suck. You have the same crappy swing, the same knowledge gaps, the same poor attitude. But you claim you are better than the competition because you just bought some really stupid looking Capri pants an all leather golf bag and the best clubs money can buy.

Who believes you when you say that?

The same people who think a mobile computer is a better because the numbers on the side of the box are bigger.

Hardware computer fast components are important, but it isn’t the most important thing. Like a power and performance of a golfer, a mobile device

And the winner is:


Because benchmarking rank by CPU clocks, memory read, write and speeds, GPU and physics number crunching is just that…number crunching. While efficiency in data pipelining and raw math computations can give an idea how a mobile computer will complete real world tasks in a lab, the 2 most important component is missing: The User and the real world.

Antutu didn’t reveal their secret sauce, but I’m sure it’s close to their benchmarking app. Benchmarks show how well benchmarks run on the device they are running in, and how well those devices will run benchmarks. Which is fine…if you run benchmarks all day on your handset and that’s all you do.


Most people…don’t.

The irony is, what matters the most in this test…is also that which matters least: The hardware configuration that each handset was deployed with. Many of these handsets including the 2nd Place Huawei Mate is utilizing 3-4 GB of RAM and running an Octa-core processor or 2 asymmetrically clocked quad-core processors @2.3 and 1.8GHz.

1st place?  The winner had a paltry 1.85 GHz dual core uP with a measly 2GB of system RAM.


There were no survivors


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