Benchmarks By Industry: Social Media. Your turn to vote

Benchmarks By Industry.

I came across this story as I was reading the news. The American customer satisfaction Index released some metrics about Internet social media. I would imagine that for most social media is more than likely a positive experience. A lot of people use to catch up with old friends. social media professionals use it as a tool as part of their job. Small business owners use it as a cost-effective way to advertise.

It’s interesting how social media has such a big impact in our day-to-day lives. With a shift in how users are engaging, from desktop to mobile infrastructure, we have access to our favorite social media platforms on demand.

Having access to our social media platforms on demand has its ups and downs. I know a lot of people who take their social media very seriously. They’re not interested in the drama, they are not interested in anything negative and there is aa reason for that. Since we’re connected to social media platforms wherever we go, the propensity to incorporate our current real life situation or mood into a social media contribution is very high. For example maybe a coworker pissed you off and you decided to tweet about it. Maybe you just got dumped by you boyfriend and decided to let the Facebook world know about your experience. By using social media platforms as an outlet to vent frustrations or dissatisfaction in your personal life, you also have the ability to affect all the people who will be reading what you decide to disseminate.

So my own personal opinion about it is that your social media experience will depend on how you, and those closest to you choose to use it. If those folks use it as a passive-aggressive weapon to vent about others or as a support tool when negativity impacts their personal life, then I would imagine it wouldn’t be very satisfying.

If you are a business owner who uses social media as a tool for marketing, your experience probably depends on how well you are perceived to service your customer, and the community. If you’re doing a good job to do the right thing by both the customer and your business the benefit will be multiplied by your social media exposure.

I’m curious about your own personal experience with social media, especially for those of you who use it on a mobile platform. It’s not meant to be scientific by any means and it’s for information purposes only. You don’t have to be registered to vote but please consider it.

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