Are Apple Macbooks really worth the hype for such costly laptops?


Are Apple Macbooks really worth the hype for such costly laptops?

It depends on the requirement, and nothing more. If you want to develop on iOS more than anything in the whole wide universe…and there is nothing to stop you, then you will buy a Mac irrespective of the cost.

I will show you what I think about my 2 portables:

This is my late 08MBP17. This is one bad ass machine. I put an SSD in it and that’s it. It is stock otherwise.

  1. The wifi radio has been nonop for a year. I use iPhone or iPad USB networking with wifi sharing to connect it to whatever I want.
  2. The backlight material is shot. The display works but there is notihing to light it up. I use an iPad with duet display, airparrot the video to an Apple TV or I have a hdmi/Dvid cable to plug into any external display.

Underneath the Mac is a piece of shit HP something or other, plasticy plastic thing that exists to keep the bottom of my Mac from getting dirty. It’s a couple years old, has win10 on it. I use it to jailbreak handsets when tools to do so are deployed on Windows first. I have tried to use oracle virtual box on the Mac to load up an virtual Windows session but it does. Everything except the pwn.

When the time comes that vBox works all the time, I wil tell this POS HP to piss off and I’ll burn it and it’s plastic accessories in a voodoo ceremony where I chant the following words from:

The Devils hungry minion
And I will not wring my hands nor will I twist my mustache on the way home….but my reflection wil be dancing like I’m wearing an iPod.

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