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Apple just made having a 1 year old iPhone impossible | Introducing iPhone as a Service $1.50 a day

How does an iPhone 6s Plus at 128 gigs for a $1.50 a day sound?

Let’s just get down to it. If you open up the Apple Store App and go to the iPhone section you will see the following:

When you tap on that you will see this:

Now that isn’t anything new but when you scroll down you’ll see this:

So now when you finance an iPhone for 24 months, after the first 12 months you can opt to get a new iPhone. This results into nothing less then a subscription for the latest iPhone forever.

So what’s the catch?

Here are the details. You get:

  • A brand-new unlocked iPhone every 12 months
  • To pay for that as a service

It’s iPhone as a service or…lol…iAAS (not really, I just made that up)

Apple care plus is a requirement. And here are the pricing details:

So, you can have a brand-new 128 gig iPhone X for the rest of your life, and it will set you back less than 50 bucks a month… On approved credit of course. The apple care + covers two years of hardware repairs, software support, and coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage. That includes the phone, the battery, ear-pods, and support for IOS, iCloud, and apple made apps. You’re covered up to two incidents of accidental damage each subject to a service fee plus applicable taxes. That includes: screen damage, accidental drops, and liquid damage.

The incident cost is currently $79 for the iPhone 6 and earlier models, and $99 for the iPhone 6 S or 6S plus.

For $1.50 a day, you can have an iPhone 6s Plus at 128 gigs (or whatever the top-tier iPhone offering news) forever.

That equals 6.2 cents per hour.

That’s crazy.

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