Apple gives credit to TaiG, Pangu and Project Zero for exploit help.

They have been doing up this for a while, I haven't seen a list so extensive.

Right after selling 75 million iPhones, the Cash heavy company from Cupertino released patches for iOS, ATV, MacOS and Safari. Giving credit where it is due, Apple gives a shout out for each exploit patched. Pangu and TiaG team members who distributed the exploit package enabling Developers at the 'other' AppStore to continue to push Apple hardware in ways some developers can't.

Project Zero also got some love. ZERO is the initiative that Google uses to 'inform' an OeM of code insecurity. As of late, Google has been broadcasting the exploits to the public for the even have a chance to get fixed. Both Microsoft and Apple have been the victim of Google's timeline for fixing exploits that project zero has uncovered. Ironically, Google informed 900 million android uses who will be left vulnerable to a webview remote attack, that the level of effort it would take find and patch a vulnerability where the youngest OS version to benefit would be 1 1/2 years-old isnt something they are willing to do.

Here's a sample of the new fixes:

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