Apex 2: UI folder alternative for iOS


Like most iOS users, you are probably more likely to be interested in what the handset or tablet does for you than what the springboard looks like. If you didn’t know, the springboard is what most people call the ‘home screen’. Apple refers to it as the ‘springboard’ because it is where apps get launched.

iOS is a very app-centric operating system. Since the eco system relies heavily upon the Ecomm of application and media transactions, Apple wants you less engaged with the handset UI, and more in an application environment. For that reason there are less configurability and customization options in the operating system user interface when compared to competing technologies.

Still, the iOS UI is slick and easy to use. It has some great transitions and animations. From the app rain down upon unlock, to the sweet tabs view in mobile safari…iOS has some of the better eye candy effects that mobile computing has to offer.

But some one of us still want more.

Have a look at Apex2 for some of that.


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