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Android wins 2016 most vulnerable product award | Comparison

Android had 257 more issued CVE patches than Adobe Flash

Despite The Goog’s generous bug smacking bounties, Android still ranked #1 as the most buggy product in 2016 in the context of patches issued to Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits:

At least Android is useful, where Flash is not.

Adobe is the buggiest OEM in the Universe

Let your heart not be troubled, Acolytes of the Goog…when it comes to the buggiest OEM, Adobe takes the cake…and the cookies, all the candy, the boxes of granulated sugar, the jars of honey and all the fruit containing natural sugars, anything that resembles sweets and anything that rhymes with sugar as well:

What the what
CVE’s earned by OEM

Thank God they don’t develop Flash on Android anymore.

Small favors can still be the best ones.


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