Android OTA migration renders Nexus 7 Broke-Richard

Sounds frustrating. Surely Asus and/or Google will get things squared away. #nexus7bricked to find out more. There seems to be a lot of traffic on Twitter and the internets in general for this to be just a few Android users with an anomaly.

I used to have a Nexus 7.

Used to.

I liked the form factor, but the performance was poor and the digitizer was UNSAT when it came to precision. I learned a very important lesson: The spec sheet is a lie when it comes to Android devices.There is something about them that makes them perform terribly…even with 2X the hardware and 1/2 the display to push.

After a few months of ownership, I went to Best Buy to see if I could exchange it for something else. I still had the box and all the innards in pristine condition. They offered me a pair of fake vampire teeth….and they were used. Some kid left them there because even he didn’t like plastic.


Best deal I ever made.

Android teeth



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