Android Lost


Losing your handset is a pain. The Device itself isn’t a big deal, but the data on it is. Saved credentials. Notes. Media. It is all personal, its private and its valuable to you.

Personal MDM services are becoming more and more popular. Some have more robust features than others. Apple deploys an activation requirement in handsets so that even if it is stolen, it can’t be used without some pretty decent knowledge.


Android lost is a tool you can use to sent the device commands visa SMS and a web console or client tool. Using the cell radio connection, you can. Make changes to the state of device to create an ex post facto contingency and mitigate damage.

Here is the list of functions:

Read sent and received SMS messages
Wipe phone
Lock phone
Erase SD card
Locate by GPS or network
Start alarm with flashing screen
Send SMS from web page
Message pop-up
Forward calls
Phone status: battery, imei, etc.
Remote SMS alarm
Remote SMS lock and unlock
Remote SMS erase SD card
Remote SMS wipe phone
Remote SMS APN control
Start/stop GPS
Start/stop Wi-Fi
Hide from launcher
Email when SIM card is changed
Get call list
Take picture with front camera
Take picture with rear camera
Make your phone speak with text-to-speech
SMS message command
SMS speak command
Lock timeout
Restore settings on boot
Record sound from microphone
Start and stop data connection from SMS
Start and stop Wi-Fi connection from SMS

It’s a commercial application, and it’s sold in freemium+iap distribution model. You can pick it up in the play store.

The obvious drawbacks are privacy. Understand the reputability of the solution providers you utilize. Be cognizant of the consequences that could be prevalent if someone installed this on your device without your knowledge and masked its visual presence.

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