Android + ChromeOS is the new MacBook Killer!

Android + ChromeOS is the new MacBook Killer!

Android + ChromeOS is the new MacBook Killer!

Jason Yeaman,

It seems all you need to beat the MacBook is:

An internet ‘computer’, and Android apps. 1 million Android Apps. I’m sure one of those is Xcode. Gotta have Xcode to be a MacBook killa.

“In the latest version of Chrome OS (53), one million Android apps are now available for Chromebooks through the Google Play store. After a brief software update, you’ll be able to install to almost any Android app on the market, dramatically changing what your Chromebook is capable of doing.

For now, the update is only available on ASUS’s Chromebook Flip… I dusted off our Chromebook Flip and used it for a couple of days. Obviously. the new software is in the early stages of roll out right now, but even after spending just a few days with the beta, I can safely say that the finished version will be a sea change for Chromebooks, with the potential to transform them from the limited devices they are into full-fledged computing machines.”

Spending a few days on the beta

I like enthusiasm. If I find out that ChromeOS really doesn’t run Android apps as ‘well’ as he describes below, perhaps I will go with Chrome so I won’t have to buy another Android device to run Android apps.

Here’s what it’s like to use the Chrome OS supercharged with Android Apps.

“Most Android apps are built for smartphones and tablets, so a handful aren’t available on Chrome OS just yet. These are a few factors that prohibit an Android apps on your Chromebook:”

  • Apps that need a good rear camera
  • Anything that would require GPS
  • Any app with SMS or text messaging abilities

Hey, no big deal. There are a million apps. The ones that don’t use a ?, location, or text messaging won’t be a big deal.

“All these are hardware limitations, so if you’re patiently waiting for Android apps to arrive on your older Chromebook, don’t expect to see them anytime soon. But these problems might not be as permanent as you’d think. Google announced during its developer conference in May that future Chromebooks, specifically ones from Samsung, will come with the hardware necessary to take advantage of these apps. But for now, you’ll find that a handful of apps won’t work.”

Just a hand full don’t work

“Of course, other issues come up as well. Most of these machines are not designed to download and store apps for offline use, so some Chromebooks might be severely limited when it comes to storage space. It’s also important to note that many older devices have no means of memory expansion like an Android phone. This will likely change with the next new crop of Chromebooks.”

So no big apps. Small apps only. without camera, SMS, messaging, locationD.

“All apps have a windowed and fullscreen version with no resizing options, “

Or full screen apps

“the app drawer doesn’t disappear when you enter fullscreen mode…On other apps, weird, unexpected stuff can happen. The one thing I noticed on the Netflix app was that it wouldn’t continue running the background if I switch over to another app. This is probably because Android doesn’t have multi-window support.”

Multitasking is difficult, especially when it comes to memory management,

“As for serious work, Chromebooks are about as useful as an Android tablet”

Android Tablets are the next MacBook Killa?

“Gaming comes to Chrome OS

Yes, that means you can now play Clash of Clans (without any emulators) on a laptop. But it’s not all good news when it comes to gaming on a Chromebook. Some games have fixed perspectives, either horizontal or vertical. Any games in the latter category get super weird on a horizontal display. For specific Chromebooks like the Flip, the problem is less of an issue because it can basically turn into a tablet because of its 360-degree hinge. Almost every other Chromebook cannot. For now, if you’re trying to play a vertical mobile game, my best advice would be don’t.”

How is the user experience on an unpolished platform?

“Android apps on Chrome OS are far from polished. There’s a lot of work that both Google and the developers need to do in order to make it usable for most people. For porting such a massive amount of apps over from one platform to another, though, the experience is surprisingly good.”

Except for all the things mentioned above that crush the UX

“Right now, all major gadget companies are trying to take tablet computing to the next level. Microsoft thinks it’s onto something with the Surface. “

The Surface was the last “MacBook Killer”

“Apple’s trying to turn its iPad into a laptop replacement…”

No, Apple has replaced the Windows based, office productivity computer with the iPad.

“and this could very well be Google’s most competitive version of a productivity tablet.


What about the MacBook killer?

Don’t worry. The only real MacBook killer, is Apple…who this week murdered any MacBook without a Retina display.


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