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Alpine Coaster in Park City Utah | 360 Video

360 insanity!

A screenshot of a 360 roller coaster

I spent last weekend in Park City, Utah. You have probably heard of the Sundance Film Festival, where independent film makers showcase their art for the world to see. This event happens in Park City. ¬†There are other things to do there as well…skiing and snowboarding, sight seeing, hiking and the like.

At the Park City Ski Resort, there is another attraction: The Park City Alpine Coaster. I decided to give this ride a try, donning my modified Specialized bike helmet upon which I mounted a Ricoh Theta S 360 camera.

The Video

There are a couple of ways to view this video on a mobile device. Since it’s a 360 video, it will play in conjunction with the gyroscope on your mobile device so you can view the entire environment.

First, on my Facebook page:

Second, on my Youtube channel:

Finally, many thanks to my wife Melinda…for making this weekend happen. She is the one screaming in the video.

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